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In pursuit of the perfect ball

In this first-of-its-kind campaign, Titleist, Havas Media, and PadSquad collaboratively developed an innovative new ad format that invited busy professionals and experienced golfers to “find their perfect ball,” the Titleist AVX.


Our Objective

Stop their scroll by delivering a contextually relevant, highly-viewable ad that stands out from the norm. This was a tall order and something we were able to accomplish by reimagining the IAB’s Adhesion format to create an all-new ad experience that surprised golfers and demanded attention.

The new ad format responded to the golfer scroll through content, swelling upward to reveal a larger canvas to tell the Titleist story.  The resulting ad format, Swell, beautifully brought to life the campaign theme “In pursuit of the perfect ball” while also beating expectations for driving traffic to the Titleist AVX site.


In pursuit of
the perfect ball



The Results

“Your numbers just got better,” a tagline for the AVX line of golf balls, perfectly summarizes the outcome of the Titleist AVX campaign launch, as it smashed benchmarks.



Higher CTR than the IAB standard unit that the Swell unit replaced.


Lift in creative performance using high impact creative in context, over behavioral targeting. 


Media placement in the campaign - outperforming the historically top endemic placements.

When compared to the IAB standard ad unit that it supplants, the AVX Swell delivered 200% higher CTR rates, while delivering against the campaign objective of offering viewability measured at greater than 75%.

Ashley Wilson, Senior Programmatic Strategist, Havas Media credits the “Collaboration between Titleist, Havas Media, and PadSquad as key to our success. It made creative stronger and the targeting strategy sharper, which ultimately created a more meaningful consumer experience.”



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