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Traffic Driving (CTR) High-impact

In a recent campaign, PadSquad offered a large retail brand a flexible framework to quickly and efficiently deploy an engaging, interactive, and personalized advertising experiences that communicated directly to their ideal consumers across their devices (mobile, desktop and tablet).

Our Objective

Utilize the Brandscape high-impact ad format, to create a campaign that could capture attention, within relevant environments to create interest and to drive visits to the retailer website (measured in CTR).  Additionally, the creatives needed to be designed, developed, and deployed quickly and to capitalize on the brand's promotional window.


The Home Depot
Pro Services


The Creative

Creativo, the creative team at PadSquad built a custom high impact brandscape designed to run across desktop, mobile and tablet. The creative format was designed to catch the attention of the target audience through a subtle but splashly animation that unexpectedly framed their screen upon ad exposure. After 3-seconds, the frame disappeared leaving a persistent FT Adhesion banner to drive their attention to the call to action, delivering on its ultimate goal to drive clicks to the site.

The Results

The Brandscape was successful in achieving its goal, by driving awareness and action, resulting in click-through performance over 6x the industry benchmark!



Higher CTR performance when compared to mobile benchmarks


Higher CTR performance when compared to Desktop benchmarks

When delivered to mobile devices, the format performed 98% higher CTR than PadSquad’s own format benchmark while the desktop delivery achieved a remarkable 560% higher performance.

Not only did this format perform well for this campaign, but it continues to provide top performance for campaigns seeking CTR as a primary KPI. 


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