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Why Brands Need HTML5 Banner Ads for Better Engagement

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The digital marketing world is packed full of tricks, tools, and techniques seeking to bolster your visibility and connect with your customers in various ways. 

There is no one method of digital advertising that works for everyone, and generally, it’s usually best to try and master a mix of approaches to get the job done. 

When it comes to building up your engagement levels, it’s well worth looking at the profound advantages of high-quality HTML5 ads and the value they can bring to your marketing campaigns. 

What Are HTML5 Banner Ads?

HTML5 banner ads are top-notch web ads made with Google’s Web Designer software. The software is free to download, and it’s easy to get to grips with. 

Flash was used extensively to generate banner ads in the past, but after support for this software dwindled, eventually dying out completely on December 31st, 2020.

HTML5 has replaced Flash and many others as one of the top platforms for creating interactive, accessible, versatile, and compatible advertisements on the internet. 

Don’t worry if you’re not a coding expert either; despite its name, HTML5 requires little computer science knowledge to master, rendering it more accessible for people at most levels of tech-related know-how. 

What is it that makes HTML5 ads exceptional at driving engagement? There’s plenty to consider when answering the question. 


In a way, all advertising is based on storytelling, and what better way to tell a story than to allow the audience to interact with it?

HTML5 ads can be designed so that they offer more than one point of engagement and interactivity. For example, developing animated HTML5 banner ads, complete with multiple moving objects and audio cues, can be a superb way of targeting multiple senses, adding a unique sense of positivity to your brand. 

This can help drive engagement simply because there’s more to engage with in the first instance. This certainly tends to beat a stagnant and uninspired image limply hanging out on a webpage. In fact, a study from the Nuremberg Institute for Marketing Decisions found that animated banner ads outperformed static ads in most settings, including the engagement rate across longer periods.  


To maximize the reach of your advertising, your ads need to be as accessible as possible. This means choosing a format that benefits as many customers as possible, no matter what kind of operating system, device, or browser they are using. 

HTML5 ads are a superb choice, as they are compatible with nearly every device and OS out there. 

This is especially important when you start to factor in mobile advertising, an immensely lucrative and valuable field of digital marketing (a record $288 billion was spent on it around the world in 2021, according to Statista), as you’ll likely want to make sure you’re reaching your mobile audience too. 

Timing and placement are key when attempting to drive engagement, so it’s worth making sure you establish ads that reach your audience comfortably and conveniently. In this respect, HTML5 banner ads can be a powerful tool in your marketing tool belt. 

Increased Data Value

HTML5 banner ads typically contain more than one element, and this has the potential to create more (and higher quality) data for you to leverage throughout your campaigns. 

More elements on the ad translate to more metrics to analyze. For example, an HTML5 ad that contains a mouse-over animation and various buttons can offer you more data for your metrics, such as which button someone pressed, how long they watched the animation for, or whether or not they listened to the audio on the ad. 

These are all great statistics you can use to develop your ads and drive engagement. By taking a data-driven approach to your ad-tweaking, you can see which parts of your ad audiences are interacting with and which parts they’re ignoring, enabling you to adjust and republish your ads accordingly. 

Putting the Consumer First

Unfortunately, some digital marketers tend to forget that there’s a real person at the other end of the screen. In turn, they sacrifice the consumer experience in favor of putting as many static ads as possible out there at any given time. 

By using HTML5 ad banner ads, you can use interactivity options to give agency back to your audience. For example, you could design an ad with multiple click-through options while being easy to use and understand, mitigating the need to push your products too hard on customers if they aren’t interested in finding out more. Of course, if the ad is beautifully designed and relevant, there’s every chance they’ll want to investigate your brand further. 

The customer experience should come first, and sometimes, that means using the right tech to develop an ad that resonates without getting in the way of their time online. 

Build the Best Ads Around

If you need help building your banner ads, we’d love to help. At PadSquad, we specialize in developing highly engaging and creative HTML5 banner ads that customers can truly connect with. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. We’re ready to work out a plan of action that suits your brand best.


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