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PLAYBOOK: How to win with high impact creative

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How to win with high impact creative

Today’s advertising landscape reflects a changing cultural tide: time spent on digital media continues to rise and is projected to hit 466 minutes per day in 2024 and digital advertising spend is expected to jump by nearly 20% by 2025. While media buyers and marketers are chasing after the hearts, minds, and wallets of consumers, it’s our view that cutting through the noise requires new approach to digital creative. 

With the increasing shift of consumer attention and advertising dollars to digital channels, it's our belief that cutting through this increase noise and clutter requires a fresh and new way of approaching digital creative.

We partnered with Echelon and Lumen Research to issue three different surveys, studying over 2,000 consumer respondents, to prove the effectiveness of a new digital creative approach. Stemming from this research, we've developed four digital advertising plays that can be a useful starting point for leveraging innovative creative to 
power impactful digital campaigns. 

You can download the full playbook here, or read on to explore a series of blog posts that dives into each of the 4 plays.

High impact creative works

Advertisers who underestimate the impact of rich, digital creative are leaving massive opportunities on the table

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Turnkey plays to drive outcomes across the funnel

Through our research, we've unearthed simple truths about creative’s role in driving outcomes across the funnel, and created 4 turnkey plays that you can activate to step firmly into the future of high impact creative:

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