Understanding the Creative Impact on Digital Media Performance

In the world of digital advertising, brands and agencies often focus on optimizing their media placements and targeting strategies to improve ROI. However, they can miss out on significant opportunities to enhance campaign effectiveness if they don't pay enough attention to the creative aspect of their ads.

Download our infographic to better understand how creative impacts media outcomes and how you can find the right balance of creative and media to maximize digital advertising campaigns. 


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Advertiser Playbook: How to Win with High Impact Creative

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Download our Advertiser Playbook:
How to Win with High Impact Creative


An advertisers guide to elevating your digital game through high impact creative

We partnered with Echelon and Lumen Research to issue three different surveys, studying over 2,000 consumer respondents, to prove the effectiveness of a new digital creative approach. This playbook features four digital advertising plays that can be a useful starting point for leveraging innovative creative to power impactful digital campaigns.

In this playbook you'll learn:

  • Four simple truths about creatives role in driving outcomes across the funnel

  • How creative can capture and retain an audiences attention

  • Creating personalized ads that hit the bullseye

  • Transforming active viewers into active participants with interactive video

  • Turning each impression into a measurable, brand-building opportunity.

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