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Stella & Chewy's Transcends Traditional Advertising with Mobile AR Creative

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The pet food market has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, especially the premium pet food category. By 2030, sales in the pet market are projected to reach $195.6 billion, with pet nutrition leading the way. Millennial pet owners, in particular, are driving the demand for premium pet foods. With this in mind, PadSquad partnered with Exverus to help Stella & Chewy's, a leading provider of raw natural pet food, stand out among highly devoted millennial pet parents.

Rather than relying on traditional display advertising, PadSquad and Exverus aimed to create an immersive digital ad campaign that would actively engage millennial pet parents and transform them into interested prospects. This led to the development of the "Look of Raw Love" campaign, featuring a mobile AR ad unit that encouraged pet parents to capture candid moments with their pets right within the ad experience and share those moments on social media.

To effectively reach millennial pet parents on a large scale, programmatic targeting was utilized. The results were truly remarkable:

  • 7% engagement rate
  • 2 point increase in brand awareness market share
  • 21 point increase in consideration/purchase intent
  • 17 point increase in brand consideration

Experience the "Look of Raw Love" campaign for yourself



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"PadSquad’s innovative formats and use of AR really helped us stand out in a crowded market...what we’re doing transcended what a typical ad is. People love the experience so much they’re taking selfies and sharing them on social media."
Rachel Brubeck
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing
Stella & Chewy's


Interactive ad formats have consistently proven to elevate brand awareness for brands like Stella & Chewy's but also to leave a lasting impression that surpasses traditional advertising boundaries. Want to talk to an expert in interactive, high-impact creative? Get in touch!

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