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Are Mobile Ads More Effective Than Desktop Ads?

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Mobile advertising is immensely popular in today's globally connected climate of smartphones, and it's been on the rise for a while.

According to Statista, the world spent a mind-melting $288.1 billion on mobile advertising in 2022, a figure that should speak volumes to marketing professionals everywhere.

Nowadays, people are rarely found too far away from their smartphones, and for savvy marketers, this has long been a golden opportunity.

What exactly makes mobile ads such a prevalent force to be reckoned with? There are plenty of reasons, but this doesn't mean desktop ads should be left by the wayside by any means.

If you need to revisit your marketing budget anytime soon, or you're still on the fence about whether or not to invest some extra capital in mobile ads, here are some important points to note about their ultimate effectiveness.


Widening Your Reach

A statistic in Business Wire reveals that half of the world now owns a smartphone. For advertisers, this represents a chance for them to extend their reach to access a wider audience in a much more convenient manner.

In a recent study by Gartner, the number of active desk-based PCs around the world is set to decline to 470 million units from 522 million; that's nearly a ten percent decrease, a figure that's likely indicative of the push toward remote work and the technological excellence of the world's latest and greatest handheld devices.



Phones are never too far out of sight nowadays, and whether they're lying on the desk or being held in the hand, they're an incredibly convenient device in terms of instantaneous online accessibility.

They're so convenient, in fact, that 58% of all multi-device purchases are closed on mobile, according to Techjury.

What does this figure mean for mobile ads? It means you can target your audience at the point in which they're making a purchase in the first place. Creative mobile advertising can play a critical role in purchase decisions by delivering effective interactive experiences, and the intimate nature of a mobile ad may have a much higher engagement rate than its desktop counterpart.


 Boosting Your Campaign's Accuracy

Getting to know your customers might be one of the most important marketing ingredients. Without knowing who your customers are, you'll likely have a hard time developing the products that they're going to buy, let alone ads for those products.

Mobile ads have a strong advantage in this regard: They have the potential to supply you with a great deal of contextual data about your customer, making it an ideal tool for the development of a native digital advertising campaign.

Whereas a desktop might be shared by an entire family, a phone is immensely personal and designed to suit the individual customer as perfectly as possible.

While cookies used for data collection are on the decline, there is still a wealth of audience information you can obtain with the appropriate permissions.  This information could consist of an accurate location, buying and browsing habits, preferred hobbies and interests, and much, much more that would be hard to follow accurately on a shared desktop.

Painting the most accurate picture of your target audience can enrich the strength and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns across the board.


Tapping into Increased eCommerce Sales

According to a report by eMarketer, US eCommerce sales will surpass the $1 trillion mark in 2022, and customers will buy more on mobile as the laptop and desktop share of the segment decelerates.

This means that as eCommerce shoppers move over to mobile, marketers have a chance to tap into a fast-growing and highly lucrative consumer base via innovative mobile advertising techniques.

Moving to a mobile-first advertising strategy could be a real game changer in this regard, particularly as mobile commerce starts to eclipse traditional eCommerce methods.

Keeping up with these trends is vital as a marketer, as it’s imperative you target the audience at their preferred means of online shopping. Mobile marketing options should offer a fresh alternative to eCommerce shoppers, and a seasoned mobile advertising company will recognize this.

A mobile advertising company with a strong talent for creating unique and engaging mobile ads can bolster your marketing efforts in very little time at all, making them a force to be reckoned with in today's ultra-competitive digital arena.


An Additional Touchpoint

Rather than ditching traditional methods for the mobile ad game entirely, it's worth noting that every avenue has its unique benefits, and every campaign benefits from some good timing and placement.

When it's cohesive, a mobile ad campaign can be a fantastic additional touchpoint alongside your other platforms, bolstering your efforts in general.

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