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Bridge the Gap Between Engagement and Conversion With Shoppable Creative for the Holidays

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This holiday season, make it even easier for shoppers to get both gift inspo and check gifts off their lists by incorporating shoppable creative into your media mix. Not only do shoppable ads provide a seamless consumer experience, but they move consumers through the funnel more quickly to purchase.

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Why Focus on Shoppable Creative for Holiday Advertising?


Shoppable creatives are interactive elements within your ads that allow consumers to make purchases directly from the advertisement itself. This feature transforms passive viewers into active buyers, creating a seamless shopping experience. Let's explore why shoppable creatives are a game-changer for holiday advertising.


Plain and simple, shoppable ads are effective at moving the needle and driving sales for brands. In fact, surveyed consumers were 15% more likely to make a purchase after viewing a shoppable ad vs. after viewing a standard ad. Shoppable ads provide the engagement and frictionless experiences shoppers are looking for during the busy holiday season.


During the holiday season, consumers have limited time and are bombarded with countless ads. Shoppable creatives simplify the shopping process by reducing the steps between seeing an ad and making a purchase. This convenience can lead to higher engagement and conversion rates.


Holiday advertising thrives on the sense of urgency and the excitement of limited-time offers. Shoppable ads capitalize on this by making it easy for consumers to act on impulse. With just a click, users can purchase the product, turning fleeting interest into immediate sales.


Shoppable creatives offer robust data collection capabilities. By analyzing how users interact with the shoppable elements, you can gain valuable insights into consumer behavior and measure tangible sales and ROI for your campaign. This data can inform future campaigns, making them even more effective at driving engagement and conversion.


By providing a frictionless shopping experience, shoppable ads enhance customer satisfaction. Happy customers are more likely to return and become loyal to your brand. This loyalty is especially valuable during the competitive holiday season.


What Elements of Shoppable Creative Should You Consider for Holiday Advertising?

To create highly effective holiday advertising campaigns, it’s essential to use shoppable creatives with the right elements. PadSquad’s suite of shoppable creative, AdCommerce, offers robust solutions across both display and video creative. 

1. Shoppable Hotspots

Interactive shoppable hotspots are touchpoints embedded within a video or display ad that highlight specific products. When shoppers hover over or click on these hotspots, they receive detailed product information and a pathway to purchase. This feature reduces the friction between interest and purchase, making it easier for consumers to shop while they browse. By strategically placing these hotspots on high-interest areas within the ad, brands can capture attention and drive higher engagement.

2. Cart Injection

Click2Cart Cart Injection technology revolutionizes the shopping experience by enabling consumers to add products to their cart of an online retailer directly from the ad. This seamless integration means that with a single click, shoppers can populate their shopping cart without ever leaving the ad experience. This convenience is particularly advantageous during the holiday season when consumers are pressed for time. By removing barriers to purchase, Click2Cart technology enhances the chances of conversion.

3. Branded Storefronts

Branded storefronts, powered by MikMak, are a custom point-of-sale experience designed for you by PadSquad’s creative team. The bespoke storefront is accessible from the rich media creative, and creates an opportunity for consumers to choose what and how they want to buy in a branded environment. It supports single or multiple products, shopper ability to select SKU and quantity, inventory management and product substitution control. Creating custom branded storefronts for your products this holiday encourages burnt-out shoppers to convert in a more peaceful shopping experience online.

A Trusted Partner Can Maximize Your Holiday Media Investments

Shoppable ads hold immense potential for bridging the gap between engagement and conversion, especially during the holiday season. By simplifying the shopping process and providing valuable data insights, these interactive ads can significantly enhance your holiday advertising efforts.

Ready to take your holiday campaigns to the next level? Reach out to our team to start integrating shoppable creatives today and watch your engagement and conversion rates soar!


Case Study: Shoppable Creative Drives Engagement

PadSquad and a clothing retailer partnered to create two innovative ad experiences for the holiday season, leveraging PadSquad’s mobile Product Cards and VidStream+ Product Cards, to enhance consumer interaction. These ad formats allowed users to view and engage with the retailer's products directly within the ads, providing detailed product information and featuring a call-to-action (CTA) that directed users to the retailer's website for purchases. This interactive approach not only enriched the consumer experience but also yielded impressive results across various key performance indicators (KPIs), showcasing the effectiveness of the campaign in driving engagement and sales.

*Creative & Advertiser pictured is for representative purposes only and may not be the actual creative that ran in market


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