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From eComm to AdComm

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Shopping In Apps

App-based shopping is a favorite pastime for many. Amazon, of course, is the dominant heavyweight in the category, the OG eCommerce cash machine. Social (in-app) shopping became popular when it was introduced in 2018 on Instagram. Pinterest followed with shoppable pins to make the user’s shopping experience more fluid from browse to buy. Flash forward to today, Walmart predicted: “social commerce” (a blend of social media and online shopping) is the future of shopping and was their underlying reason to acquire a stake in TikTok. So I think we can all agree, app-based and social shopping is here to stay.


But what about the shopping experience outside of apps, on the mobile web? Especially for brands that adhere to a more ‘niche marketing’ approach, that run campaigns outside of and beyond social. How do they reach consumers, already conditioned to “spot it & buy it?”  [Cue Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings “I want it, I got it”

We believe that the same shopping experience should be available on the open web, and we're not alone.

PSFK reported that 93% of consumers want seamless omnichannel shopping experiences. Earlier this year, PadSquad introduced a new advertising solution suite designed for the mobile web coined "AdCommerce™." Our two-pronged solution begins with a simple "add to cart" button" that's integrated into High Impact creative and is powered by Smart Commerce's Click2Cart®, which offers brands a cart injection solution for more than 30 top retailers.  For brands looking to combine the convenience of "add to cart" and attribution, we offer AdCommerce™ with Sales Insights powered by MikMak.  According to a recent proprietary research study conducted by Echelon Insights, 75% of users said that “it would be more convenient if online ads offered the option to shop this way.” So yeah, we’re on a mission to connect amazing creative experiences with easy shopping functionality while also showing well it works.   


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