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Protecting Your Brand: PadSquad's Commitment to Brand Safety and Fraud Protection

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In the ever-changing media landscape, advertisers face an array of challenges when it comes to protecting their brands and ensuring campaign performance. At PadSquad, we understand these concerns and have developed comprehensive solutions that allow brands to take control without compromising scale or campaign effectiveness. With an impressive track record in brand safety and fraud protection, PadSquad offers a level of trust and reliability that advertisers can depend on.

PadSquad's commitment to combating fraudulent activities is evident in our industry-leading average fraud rate of just 0.7%, as reported by DoubleVerify in March 2022. This statistic solidifies our position in the fight against ad fraud, assuring advertisers that their investments are safeguarded. Additionally, Moat reported a 30% average engagement rate during the same period, showcasing our ability to deliver campaigns that truly captivate audiences.

Fueled by Best-in-Class Partnerships

Our strategic partnerships with top industry leaders fuel our success in brand safety and fraud protection. Having earned TAG's prestigious "Verified by TAG" seal, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of transparency and accountability. By leveraging the most advanced technologies available, we actively defend campaigns against potential threats, empowering advertisers to maximize their programmatic media investments with unparalleled confidence.

Defined Brand Safety Standards

At PadSquad, we adhere to stringent brand safety standards to ensure that your content appears in suitable environments, aligning with your brand values and protecting your reputation. Right from the start, we employ advanced measures such as exclusion lists and contextual avoidance, effectively identifying and avoiding content that could compromise your brand's integrity. Furthermore, we prioritize publisher-direct placements, guaranteeing that your display and video creatives are presented adjacent to or within brand-safe content. This not only preserves your brand's reputation but also enhances the visibility and impact of your campaigns.

A Robust Approach to Brand Safety

Our approach to brand safety combines the efforts of our expert team, rigorous controls, and valuable partnerships. We understand that safeguarding your brand requires a comprehensive strategy, so we leverage a combination of talented professionals, industry-leading controls, and trusted partnerships. Through this holistic approach, we deliver optimal results while ensuring the highest level of brand protection and campaign effectiveness.

Rigorous QA Controls

Before launching any campaign, we subject it to a meticulous iterative quality assurance (QA) system. This process confirms that the targeting meets the defined parameters, guaranteeing precision and accuracy in reaching your desired audience. By rigorously reviewing each campaign pre-launch, we leave no room for error and uphold the highest standards of campaign performance.

Third-Party Verification

We collaborate with trusted partners such as Moat, DoubleVerify, and IAS to further solidify our commitment to brand safety and fraud protection. These esteemed organizations diligently screen for fraudulent traffic, protecting your campaigns from harmful practices. Additionally, they verify inventory quality and viewability, offering additional assurance for your media investments.

At PadSquad, we recognize the importance of brand safety and fraud protection. With our commitment, best-in-class partnerships, and industry-leading technologies, we empower advertisers to take control of their campaigns without compromising scale or performance. We invite you to contact our dedicated team and discover how PadSquad can help you maximize your media investments with transparency and confidence. 

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