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Exploring the Future of Tech and Advertising: PadSquad's CES 2024 Highlights

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 was a spectacle of innovation, and PadSquad made its mark at the event by delving into the latest trends and advancements in technology and advertising. While this year saw fewer advertising updates, the focus shifted to groundbreaking consumer tech announcements. In this blog post, we'll explore some key takeaways from PadSquad's trip to CES 2024 that you can apply to your rest-of-year media planning.

Shifting the Spotlight to Consumer Tech
This year, CES witnessed a shift in focus from extensive advertising updates to a plethora of consumer tech announcements. The event was a showcase of the most cutting-edge technologies that are set to redefine the way we live, work, and play- including new transparent TVs and cars that use AI technology (more on these below). As usual, expect these consumer tech advancements to trickle down to ad tech in the near future!

The Future of Display Technology
One of the standout innovations at CES 2024 was the introduction of transparent TVs. This revolutionary display technology provides a seamless integration of digital content with the physical environment. The implications of transparent TVs for advertising and content delivery opens up new possibilities for immersive and engaging consumer experiences.

A Closer Look at the Unrevealed Secrets
Despite the large presence of AI at CES, there was a lack of specific breakthroughs or new revelations in the field. However, The automotive industry seems to be diving deep into AI, with auto manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen all announcing new AI integrations in their new models.

The Power of Client-Centric Solutions
CES 2024 showcased the evolution of data curation, with a spotlight on initiatives like Xandr Curate. The concept of giving data to partners for application in programmatic campaigns was explored. The real value, particularly from a client's perspective, lies in the cost-effective application of curated data, signaling a shift in data-driven advertising strategies.

Navigating the Metrics Landscape
In a world inundated with content, attention measurement becomes a critical aspect of advertising success. The challenges and opportunities presented by evolving metrics were explored, shedding light on how advertisers can effectively measure and optimize audience attention for more impactful campaigns.

The Quest for Inventory and Interactivity
CES 2024 witnessed new announcements in the Interactive Connected TV (CTV) space, including Disney's dive into shoppable TV ads and remote-based interactivity. The challenges of inventory availability questions whether this will be the year inventory takes off for CTV advertising. Currently, Hulu and Peacock are some of the only companies that have inventory at scale. Interactive CTV is something that people want, but don’t know where to get it - will someone step up this year to make it a reality for more advertisers at scale?

Inspired by CES and all of the big trends in paid media and advertising? Us too. Let’s connect on how to incorporate these learnings and innovations into 2024 planning.

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