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Introducing Interactive Video: Video Made More Remarkable

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On October 27, 1994, the first online banner advertisement was placed on HotWired [a site no longer in existence, RIP]. The banner had zero branding or interactivity. Thankfully, a lot has changed between now and then! Fast forward to 2022 where digital advertising has evolved significantly to include formats like rich media and digital video. 

Digital video has grown so much over the past several years that it now accounts for over half of the total programmatic digital display ad spending in 2022, with ⅔ of that being spent on mobile. And with 258MM U.S. digital video viewers, it’s not expected to slow down. With growth, comes the need for change, and it's time for digital video creative to enter the 21st century!

Today, we’re rolling out our latest innovations in advertising experiences with a new suite of Interactive Video products. PadSquad’s Interactive Video formats apply learnings from years of running high impact display creative to enhance online video in new and engaging ways. These formats create opportunities to stop the consumer as they scroll, while delivering interactivity and adhering to industry standards by being VAST 4.x compliant. 

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One video asset, infinite possibilities: 

Whether your campaign KPIs are VCR, clicks or engagement, our new video suite has you covered. We’ll start by using your VAST tag or .mov/.mp4 files within our Interactive Video formats to quickly transform your standard video creative into something remarkable. 

Our turn-key process takes days, not weeks, while supporting whatever brand assets are available (mp4, mov, and VAST) to build eye-catching consumer experiences that offer interactivity to make the biggest impact.   

Our new Interactive Video suite offers three all new video ad experiences inspired by our decade of experience building creative: 

The suite is rounded out by our long-standing video formats you know and love, like:

Anyone can run a standard 16:9 or 9:16 video asset, but not just anyone can run digitally enhanced Interactive Video at scale, that’s VAST enabled! Now, we can, so now you can! 



Interactive Video is key to standing out and making an impact, but it also drives real business results and changes consumer mindset. Through a proprietary research study we conducted with Echelon Insights, a CPG brand used Interactive Video to introduce a new product and saw a 28pt increase over control for brand consideration.

For brands who want to drive meaningful, full-funnel results, Interactive Video is the future of digital advertising. The creative possibilities are endless when you are open to injecting your standard video assets with a little bit of interactivity. 

Learn more about how we can enhance your video advertising creative!

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