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How to engage auto intenders with interactive video

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As long as video advertising has existed, it has primarily been measured on views, impression, GRPs, completion rates, etc - all metrics that provide no detail into if consumers are paying attention, or how they are engaging with the content. 

Enter PadSquad's suite of interactive video, designed to shift lean back video experiences into lean forward, engaging brand opportunities via interactive elements like live polls and product cards. 

Our partners at Davis Elen and Southern California Toyota Dealers Association tapped into this first-of-its-kind video opportunity to promote the 2023 Toyota bz4X electric vehicle. Innovative electric vehicles require innovative advertising techniques to move the needle! You can read all about the activation in an AdExchanger feature here!

The Toyota bz4X VidStream+ video unit leveraged product cards as the interactive elements. Consumers could pick content that interested them from a stack of cards overlayed on the video. They could choose to find out more information about the car’s features, California carpool stickers for EVs, or available lease offers.

"Most people think of watching TV and video ads as a passive experience," said Lance Wolder, head of strategy and marketing at PadSquad. "But this product aims to change people’s viewing habits by letting them explore an advertised brand without exiting the ad or navigating away from the content they came to watch."

Want to learn more about how you can turn your lean back video assets into lean forward experiences through the power of interactivity?

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