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Video Made Remarkable

The new wave of video advertising 

Video continues to dominate digital media as we see a significant uptick in the number of digital video viewers each year.

With such a huge number of viewers to capture, it has become crucial for a brand's video ads to stand out among the crowd.

But how? By adding interactive features that consumers crave, to innovative new ad formats, we make video remarkable

Introducing Interactive Video by PadSquad.



US Digital Video Viewers
in 2022 (eMarketer)


More time is spent watching interactive videos compared to standard, linear video (ComboApp)


of marketers feel that video has a direct, positive impact on sales  (WYZOWL)


Interactive Video that's supported by VAST 4.x

Simplify deploying online video 

VAST is a communication standard that allows ad servers and video players to talk to each other. With VAST, your video campaign is ensured to improve creative quality and a more efficient ad delivery.

PadSquad's Interactive Video units are VAST-enabled, allowing for streamlined reporting for the measurements that matter most (Video Plays/Completions, Exposure Time, Engagement Rate, Click Through Rate.)







HubSpot Video

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Video made remarkable on Connected TV

Engagement Consumers crave 

PadSquad also makes traditional CTV assets remarkable by enhancing them with consumer-friendly interactions proven to deliver results.

Learn more about how we can enhance your broadcast creative within CTV.



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