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Behind the Scenes: How PadSquad Elevated a CPG Brand's Visibility During Back-to-School Season

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As the school year starts to wind down, the hustle and bustle of the back-to-school season for marketers emerges, marking a pivotal time for brands to capture the attention of consumers. For a leading Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) food brand, this past back-to-school campaign was not just about stocking lunchboxes but also about making a memorable impact. Leveraging original research and innovative strategies, PadSquad spearheaded a campaign that not only drove awareness but also solidified the brand's position in the minds of consumers.

PadSquad meticulously crafted a campaign strategy designed to showcase the power of high-impact creative in driving brand awareness. The objective was clear: prove that PadSquad's unique approach could elevate the brand's visibility and influence consumer behavior.

Demo shown is for illustrative purposes only and does not depict the actual brand or creative that ran in-market


The campaign, measured by PadSquad’s research partner Echelon Insights, was a major success. The results speak volumes:

Consideration Lifts: Through PadSquad's cart injection ads, the campaign saw impressive lifts in consideration, with both ads driving 21-26 point increases. This surge in consideration highlighted the effectiveness of PadSquad's approach in capturing and retaining audience attention.

Top Choice Ranking: Notably, the cart injection ads proved to be instrumental in elevating the brand's status, with consumers ranking the CPG brand as their top choice. The ads drove substantial lifts of 13-15 points, underscoring their impact in influencing consumer preferences.

Purchase Intent: PadSquad's high-impact creative resonated deeply with consumers, with an overwhelming majority expressing a strong likelihood to purchase the brand’s products. Impressively, 62-65% of ad viewers indicated being extremely to very likely to make a purchase, representing a significant 6-9 point lift in purchase intent.

Post-Exposure Impact: The campaign's influence extended beyond the realm of ad exposure, as post-advertisement, parents exhibited a heightened inclination to purchase products from the CPG brand. With a notable 14-point lift in post-ad-exposure purchase intent, PadSquad's campaign demonstrated its ability to leave a lasting impression on consumers.

These statistics underscore not only the success of the campaign but also the effectiveness of PadSquad's high-impact creative in driving tangible results for CPG brands during a pivotal season. By leveraging original research and innovative advertising strategies, PadSquad delivered a campaign that not only increased awareness but also influenced consumer behavior, solidifying the brand's position in the competitive back-to-school marketing landscape.

In an era where capturing and retaining consumer attention is paramount, PadSquad continues to prove its prowess in crafting campaigns that resonate with audiences and drive real business outcomes. As brands navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, partnering with innovative solutions like PadSquad becomes essential in not only staying relevant but also thriving in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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