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The Remarkable List: Creative Spotlight Q3 2023

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Our latest report is in, and we're serving up creative inspiration based on our top-performing ad formats to help you turn incremental Q4 media spend into meaningful business outcomes. 

At PadSquad, we specialize in building remarkable creative that performs across the entire purchase funnel. And each quarter we round up the best of the best formats based on attention and engagement metrics measured by Oracle Moat in The Remarkable List.

Explore our top picks from Q3 2023 below and let your creative juices flow!


Nordstrom tap to map rich media
Nordstrom Tap to Map
Peacock press and hold rich media
Peacock Press and Hold
Topgolf slide to reveal rich media creative
Topgolf Slide to Reveal


Nordstrom - Tap to Map

Our Tap to Map ad format was designed to capture the attention of shoppers and drive foot traffic to Nordstrom’s flagship store in New York City. Viewers could conveniently locate the store on the map within this full-screen and visually pleasing scroller ad. This is a popular ad format for PadSquad’s retail clients.

View demo here.

Peacock - Press and Hold

Innovative, interactive, and well-presented were a few words to describe Peacock’s Press & Hold ad format. It not only inspired movie fans, but it also engaged them with a playful dynamic creative experience that made finding the perfect movie to watch both rewarding and fun. By pressing on the fingerprint graphic, movie lovers browsed Peacock’s portfolio. Each time a new title appeared, the background of the screen also changed making for a memorable and unique experience. 

View demo here.

Topgolf - Slide to Reveal

Slide to Reveals provide brands with two dueling canvases that can be viewed with a simple swipe left or right. Top Golf leveraged this ad format to drive awareness of its high-tech golf game. One side hosted bright, catchy creative with a clear call to action, encouraging viewers to book now. The other side offered viewers a glimpse of the fun to be had at Top Golf with a compelling video creative. It succeeded in its mission to show everyone the best place to “Come Play Around”

View demo here.


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