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Shoppable Advertising Made More Remarkable with SmartShop

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Digital Commerce in Ads

The holy grail of retail and product-based advertising is to tie ads to sales to understand the impact paid media has on shopper behavior. AdCommerce, PadSquad’s suite of shoppable creative and measurement solutions, offers opportunities for brands to do just that.

AdCommerce™ made better with SmartShop

Today, we are excited to share that we have bolstered our AdCommerce™ solutions, including SmartShop, a feature powered by SmartCommerce’s commerce engine. SmartShop builds on AdCommerce's proven Click2Cart® technology, powered by SmartCommerce, and measurement solutions, powered by MikMak, which let consumers choose what and how they want to buy.

SmartShop takes add to-cart functionality to the next level. While, Click2Cart® allows shoppers to add products directly to retailer carts in a click, SmartShop allows shoppers to add bundled products like full skincare regimens or ingredients for a recipe to online carts for convenient and seamless checkout experiences.

Shoppable Digital Creative

Creative enhanced with SmartShop is perfect for any brand or product that can be contextually bundled. The creative below showcases SmartShop in action, with curated skincare routines made up of contextually relevant products that the shopper can select and purchase all at once through a retailer of their choice. 


PadSquad’s enhanced AdCommerce™ offering is an extension of our commitment to deliver remarkable creative that is memorable, actionable, and measurable. 

Our shoppable ad experiences and measurement solutions powered by MikMak provide a complete solution that gives valuable insights into added-to-carts and purchases. Clients earn access to detailed metrics like cart transfers, revenue, units sold, basket size, order value, and insights on the audiences engaging and making purchases.

PadSquad is making it easier for advertisers to take campaigns to the next level with creativity that builds a deeper relationship with shoppers and ultimately drives consideration and sales.

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