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E-BOOK: The ABCs of back-to-school digital advertising

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School may just be getting out for the summer, but it’s never too early to start planning for the 2023 K-12 back-to-school season. With consumer spending expected to rise, and parents on the lookout all summer long for the best deals, this is what you need to know as you start planning your BTS ‘23 advertising campaigns. Check out some highlights below and click here to download the full E-Book.

Back-to-school shoppers are spending more than ever, IRL and online

U.S. K-12 back-to-school spending is projected to reach $41.12B for the 2023 school year - a 3.1% YoY increase (eMarketer 2023). Parents will be on the lookout all summer long for the best deals, with $15.50B is projected to be spent via eCommerce channels (down 2.4% YoY), while $25.62B will be spent in brick-and-mortar retail stores. (eMarketer).

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Digital ads drive product discovery and purchase intent for back-to-school shoppers

Parents are in the back-to-school shopping mindset throughout summer, and are therefore more receptive to ads during this key timeframe. In fact, nearly 60% of back-to-school consumers find that ads help in making their purchasing decisions and discover new products and promotions (IAS).

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The ABCs of BTS advertising:

  • A: Ads work better with interactivity
  • B: Biggest screen in the house
  • C: Creative matters

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