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Navigating a cookie-free future in advertising

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The loss of third-party cookies has been top of mind for advertisers and marketers these past few years. With major players like Apple and Google slowly and inconsistently phasing out cookies, it can be hard to know how to adapt your advertising accordingly. At PadSquad, we’ve been working on solutions to help our clients navigate these industry changes, the most recent being Google’s announcement that it will finally begin phasing out cookies starting with 30 million people on January 4, 2024.

PadSquad currently leverages cookies as part of our ad targeting strategies, but we are not exclusively reliant on cookies. We recognize the limitations and challenges they present, including signal loss and regulatory changes.

This is why we have heavily invested in cookieless or ID-free targeting methods, which not only provide more privacy for consumers but also deliver more precise targeting and greater scale. Our approach involves deepening our partnerships with leading DSP platforms such as Yahoo, The Trade Desk, and Xander, along with working closely with SSP partners like Magnite, and data partners like Proximic by ComScore, Peer39, and Oracle.

Through these partnerships we utilize predictive audience modeling to develop ID-free audience segments that are based on media consumption and contextual data. This approach enables us to target consumers more effectively and deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, all while respecting privacy.

In addition to this, we have also established direct partnerships with publishers and with the Amazon DSP, which allows advertisers to leverage 2nd party data in their targeting strategies. With these partnerships, we can provide advertisers with access to the highest quality and most relevant data, enabling them to achieve better results and optimize their ad spend.

Addressing cookie/signal deprecation

At PadSquad, we have stayed in lock-step with industry best practices and regulatory requirements as the cookie/signal depreciation has evolved. We work with our individual clients to build bespoke plans based on specific needs, requirements, and business objectives to help them build an ID-free approach to targeting across advertising campaigns. 

Exploring alternative identification solutions: This includes opting for partners and technologies such as machine learning, AI, and probabilistic modeling to gain insight into consumer behaviors and preferences that don’t rely on third-party cookies. 

First-party diversification: We are equipped to both onboard first-party data and help advertisers collect first-party data through interactive ad formats. Through partnerships with companies like LiveRamp we are able to onboard first-party data and utilize in audience targeting strategies. Similarly, for advertisers looking to bolster first-party data we can support these efforts through interactive ad creatives that prompt consumers to not only make a purchase but to sign-up for newsletters, demos, coupons, etc.

We hope these evolving solutions help to get your juices flowing as you think about adapting your media and advertising plans for a cookieless future. Contact us to learn more about developing a bespoke plan to fit your unique needs.

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