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Introducing Interactive CTV Ads: TV Made More Remarkable

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We're excited to announce that PadSquad is bringing high-impact creative to the largest digital device, the TV. We've introduced a new Interactive CTV product for our clients to break free from the ordinary with TV made more remarkable. We’ve taken our proven, award-winning digital ad experiences you know and love and created them for CTV! You can learn more or check out demos here


PadSquad Breaks Free from Ordinary TV Ads with Interactive CTV Offering

The Company Partners with Innovid to Bring Remarkable Creative to Connected TV


NEW YORK, May 11, 2021 -- PadSquad, a digital media company that develops high-impact advertising experiences, introduces their Interactive Connected TV solution. The company is extending their proven digital ad experiences to the largest digital device, the TV. “We’re taking insights around consumer interaction in digital and creating those same engaging advertising experiences for CTV, giving our clients opportunities to build remarkable experiences for any screen, at scale,” said PadSquad Founder and CEO, Daniel Meehan.

 Just like the invention of the remote control and DVR, connected TV and streaming have changed the way we watch TV. CTV accounts for over 40% of video impressions and is practically tied with mobile as a top driver of video consumption. Audiences are more engaged with Interactive CTV ads than ever before, resulting in 63 seconds average time earned, and 0.60% engagement rates.

 PadSquad is working with Innovid, a leader in the CTV space, to bring this offering to life. “Advertisers are embracing Interactive CTV for its proven ability to boost engagement and performance of TV advertising,” said Tal Chalozin, CTO of Innovid. “Through this partnership, PadSquad will leverage Innovid’s OTT Composer to expand the reach of high-impact, interactive ads to CTV, creating an omnichannel complement to desktop and mobile campaigns.”

 PadSquad makes traditional video assets remarkable by enhancing them with consumer friendly, familiar interactions that are proven to deliver results. Through close partnership with Innovid they have successfully created four inaugural Interactive CTV formats:

  • AdCommerce TV: Welcome to the next era in shopping from the couch! QR codes allow consumers to add products directly to their cart.
  • Squad Stories: Play off the familiar “story” experience from social to pique curiosity by including multiple videos to tell a cohesive story.
  • Tap to Map: Personalize video experiences with dynamic, location-based messaging and maps that highlight the nearby locations.
  • VVital: Dive deeper into video assets with product hotspots, multiple panels of content, galleries, and more!

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