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PadSquad Unlocks Instream Solutions with VidStream+

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PadSquad is betting big to lead the interactive video space and provide more ways for brands to connect with consumers. We have acquired patented video technology assets from Source Digital that enable video content recognition and real-time delivery of interactive instream video ads. This expands PadSquad’s video offering from outstream and connected TV to include instream video under the product suite name VidStream+. 

VidStream+ delivers large format interactive ads within a publisher’s video content. Product features include interactive elements that invite consumers to explore “Brand Activated Moments” within online video content that are curated to deliver on brand KPIs for every stage of the funnel. 

As part of our larger interactive video capabilities, VidStream+ is available to advertisers programmatically, where we are DSP agnostic, or through managed service (direct IO) campaigns.


We are incredibly excited to share how VidStream+ unlocks distinctive value for advertisers to transform lean back video content into lean forward brand experiences that give consumers a reason to engage and act. Core benefits for advertisers:

1. One of a kind personalized ad experiences for every stage of the funnel:
Our Brand Activated Moments (BAMs), which are curated sets of interactive ad features, are designed to prompt viewer engagement at just the right moment to maximize each stage of the funnel.

  • VidStream+ Engage for upper funnel engagement and reach
  • VidStream+ Action for mid-funnel engagement
  • VidStream+ Shop for lower funnel purchases

2. Bespoke interactive video ads created in days not weeks:
We utilize existing :15, :30 and :60 video and creative assets to generate instream creative.

3. Advanced controls to meet your brand safety, attention, viewability metrics and more:
Our pre and post bid verification capabilities allow us to ensure brand campaigns are protected throughout the media buying process. We are integrated with MOAT, Integral Ad Science, and Double Verify to monitor and optimize for brand safety measures. In addition, we are TAG certified and manage campaign level control by blocking sensitive categories. Our partnership with MOAT means every single served impression is monitored to achieve optimal attention and viewability metrics.

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If you’d like to learn more about how you can add VidStream+ to your media mix get in touch here. Our team is excited to show you how our interactive instream ad experiences can help you create remarkable campaigns that deliver results.


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