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Breaking the Social Barrier: Amplifying Political Campaigns Beyond Walled Gardens

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Political ad spending on social media platforms is projected to reach unprecedented levels this year, reflecting the increasing significance of digital advertising in shaping political discourse. However, with social media platforms becoming somewhat saturated and competitive, political campaigns are seeking innovative ways to expand their reach and creativity beyond these walled gardens. This is where high-impact display and interactive video buys come into play. By harnessing the expansive reach of these formats, campaigns can break free from the constraints of social platforms and connect with voters across a diverse range of digital environments. 

From premium publisher sites to niche online communities, high-impact display and interactive video buys offer unparalleled opportunities for campaigns to engage with audiences in meaningful and memorable ways. By leveraging the flexibility and versatility of these formats, political advertisers can amplify their messaging, foster deeper connections with voters, and ultimately make a more significant impact on the electoral landscape.

Proven Performance to Guarantee Success

Backed by Lumen Research, our campaigns have been shown to capture 44% more attentive seconds than YouTube pre-roll ad and boast 2x the attention of Facebook InFeed ads. Below are some of our innovative formats that leverage familiar social interactions at scale:

  • Squad Stories: Highlight many assets in a familiar experience that mimics social media stories.
  • The Reel: Allow viewers to swipe through a collection of images with tappable hotspots to provide additional information.
  • Video Wall: Give viewers an opportunity to interact with a digital Video Wall that presents multiple video assets served in stylized panels.
  • Live Poll: Gain valuable insights to inform campaign messaging and content with a live poll that provides real-time results.
  • TikTok VVital Unit: Transform traditional vertical video into deeply engaging experiences by adding social media-like interactive overlays to encourage interaction.

Captivating Audiences with Rich Media Formats

PadSquad's rich media ad formats, spanning desktop, mobile, and Advanced Connected TV (CTV), offer a new dimension to political advertising. Gone are the days of static, easily overlooked ads. With PadSquad, political advertisers can leverage interactive elements such as live polls, quizzes, chatbots, and QR codes tailored specifically for voting audiences. These features not only capture the attention of voters but also foster deeper engagement with political messaging, ultimately driving outcomes ranging from awareness to donations and beyond.

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Agile Response for Maximum Impact

When it comes to political advertising, rapid response is paramount. Whether it's seizing upon significant moments or course-correcting after setbacks, PadSquad's nimble creative and operations team is dedicated to amplifying political campaigns when it matters most. By employing rich media creative and targeted tactics proven to be 64% more effective in motivating voter decision-making than standard ads, PadSquad ensures that political advertisers remain agile and responsive, maximizing impact with every interaction.

PadSquad can help take your political advertising to new heights and make a lasting impact on your audience. Our high-impact solutions offer a transformative approach to political advertising, amplifying campaigns across social media platforms and driving meaningful outcomes at every turn. If you're ready to elevate your political ad campaigns and make a lasting impression on voters, PadSquad is here to help. Let's start a conversation today and unlock the full potential of your political advertising efforts.

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