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Drive performance with shoppable creative

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Products may be sitting sidelined on ships in the Port of Los Angeles, but your advertising doesn't have to be too. With a little creativity, and some willingness to tap into the latest trends, you can make the most of your ad spend and put products in the homes of consumers. 

Digital shopping experiences are all the rage right now. From social media, to QR codes and live streaming, opportunities for discovery and frictionless buying experiences are everywhere. In just 12 hours, a popular influencer in China sold $1.7 billion in lipstick while live streaming on Alibaba’s Taoboa shopping platform. The ‘ol QVC format is taking over digital content and advertising, and it’s just the beginning. 

Last year, PadSquad introduced a suite of shoppable creative solutions where advertising meets eCommerce, called AdCommerce™. After a year of supporting brands, we’re showing you what’s possible - IT WORKS.  Our turn-key solution uses Cart Injection to offer consumers a streamlined path to purchase by integrating an ‘add to cart’ button into high-impact creative. Brands are able to utilize existing channel partnerships by using our direct integration to more than 30 popular retailers while reporting on engagement, cart transfers, and transfer value.  

In just under a year, we’ve helped a number of brands make their digital creative shoppable and the results speak for themselves. 

AdCommerce™ Results:


total value of advertised products transferred to shopping carts via PadSquad Cart Injection formats.


total number of advertised products transferred to shopping carts via PadSquad Cart Injection formats. 


total value of a CPG cheese product added to shopping carts from a single campaign running PadSquad’s Cart Injection formats.


total value of products added to Instacart shopping carts across PadSquad campaigns.




According to a proprietary research study conducted by Echelon Insights, 75% of consumers said that “it would be more convenient if more online ads offered the option to shop.” So when making any final advertising plans this year, while the supply chain is a mess, and product inventory is anyone’s guess, leverage shoppable creative that can serve up in-stock products to shoppers and you’ll be the hero in your customers' lives.




Shoppable advertising creative drives tangible results that aren’t just standard advertising metrics, but actual sales. The holy grail of tying digital advertising to product sales is here, and it’s working! Jump on board.

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