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Advancing AI in advertising through the power of creative

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The advertising industry is flush with Artificial Intelligence solutions, from audience building to media delivery and optimization. And as more and more agencies and brand marketers are pushed to invest in and incorporate AI into their process, we are starting to see the creative side of AI in advertising. 

PadSquad prides ourself on our first-mover status when it comes to innovative advertising creative techniques, including AI. Just this week, we launched an AI recipe picker ad unit we built for our partners Exverus Media and John Soules Foods. You can read all about it in a Digiday feature here


The first-of-its-kind ad unit leverages AI in the form of a chatbot to generate personalized recipes for parents. Audiences plug in their preferences, including type of meat and calorie counts, and get recipes using John Soules Foods meat products - all without leaving the ad unit!

At its core, AI is designed to make things more efficient. AI can help us make our media planning and creative production more efficient, but it can also make experiences more efficient for the end consumer too. Wes Condray-Wright, Supervisor at Exverus, says the strategy for this campaign was all about "trying to give some time back to that busy parent. Taking the guesswork out of meal prep, or giving them some more time in their day through AI.”

The key to leveraging AI successfully through advertising? Get creative, and don't forget about the consumer experience. 

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