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Revolutionizing consumer engagement using immersive and reactive scroll technology

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In the quest to captivate and retain consumers' attention, marketers have eagerly embraced reactive scroll technology, a game-changer that enables the creation of memorable experiences aligned with brand objectives. At PadSquad, we have harnessed this technology in our SuperScape ad format, which offers unparalleled potential for engaging audiences in diverse ways.

Here are some real-world examples of reactive scroll technology at play in our SuperScape ad format:

Epson - Consumer Technology Brand

See how Epson introduces its receipt scanner product to its target audience. As consumers scroll on their mobile device, the screen is adorned with dynamically appearing receipts, immediately capturing their attention and guiding them to click on the brand's product page for further information. This creative approach aims to generate clicks and drive site traffic to the product page.

Nike - Retail brand

Nike harnesses the full real estate of a mobile screen to seize attention using the captivating ticker tape design around the border of the screen. As the viewer scrolls, the mobile banner at the bottom autonomously expands upwards, revealing a 12-second auto-playing video showcasing the intricate craftsmanship behind the shoe. This creative aims to drive video views to encourage online purchases.

At PadSquad, we place great importance on measuring the impact of our ad formats, ensuring creative is as effective at driving outcomes as it is beautiful. Through our partnership with Oracle Moat, we analyze every impression delivered to gain valuable insights into the relationship between viewers and our ad creatives. These findings are categorized by ad format type and published in our quarterly Top 10 Ad Format report

The SuperScape ad format represents our top performing ad format in Q2 2023, outperforming other PadSquad formats as well as industry benchmark performance for mobile creative. The SuperScape achieved an Oracle Moat score of 766 and takes into consideration key metrics like viewability, in-view time, interaction rate, and interaction time. 

To view the full list of PadSquad’s top performing creative for Q2 click here. To learn more about PadSquad’s SuperScape format and how your brand can utilize reactive scroll technology to engage your audience, contact us.


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