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How PadSquad Utilizes AI to Redefine Digital Ad Experiences

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At PadSquad, we’re dedicated to creating digital ad experiences that speak to consumers as humans, not as users. This means creating unobtrusive experiences that stimulate the senses, and help create remarkable connections between brands and consumers. And in 2023, we are using AI more and more to help us achieve this mission.

By leveraging existing AI tools, integrating them into our tech platforms, and building our own AI tools and models, we not only can build effective creative and determine which impressions to bid on and at what amount, but we can also optimize crucial aspects of a campaign, such as the creative, audience, data sets, and measurement. This enables us to deliver highly effective campaigns, efficiently and at scale. Below are a handful of ways that PadSquad utilizes AI on a daily basis.

Predictive Modeling For All KPIs

Through partnerships with measurement partners like Oracle Moat, Double Verify, and Integral Ad Science, we have built a multitude of predictive models based on the KPIs that matter most to our clients. These models are based on relevant historical campaign performance data to inform creative and media placements that help campaigns exceed industry and client benchmark standards. 

Predictive Audience Modeling/Targeting 

Through our DSP partners, we utilize AI-generated predictive modeling to adjust bids toward inventory that skews toward the KPIs of a campaign.

AI-Powered Creative Features

We have built interactive creative features like chatbots and speech recognition that are powered by AI to converse with consumers in real-time within an ad and move them towards a desired outcome.


Success with AI: A Case Study

PadSquad worked with a convention and visitors bureau that was looking to drive awareness and interest in its warm-weather island location.

Taking the brand and their KPIs in mind, PadSquad designed and developed a strategy that was two-fold and included both creative development and media execution. PadSquad built a weather-triggered creative campaign that juxtaposed the warm luxuries the destination offered to target audiences facing cold winter conditions. From a media execution standpoint, PadSquad utilized AI in predictive modeling to reach its target audience by location and weather condition, while also optimizing delivery towards the campaign’s goal.

The scroll-stopping creative paired with a targeting strategy that allowed the brand to reach its desired audience proved to be impactful. The campaign exceeded engagement benchmarks by 5X and drove a 60% increase in visitation to the island location. 

In closing, PadSquad remains committed to reshaping the digital advertising landscape, focusing on creating meaningful connections between brands and consumers. By harnessing the power of AI, we optimize every aspect of our campaigns, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness at scale. We are enthusiastic about the future of AI in digital advertising, with a dedicated focus on delivering exceptional consumer experiences, uncovering insights faster, driving superior outcomes for advertisers, and enhancing our team's efficiency for strategic thinking.

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