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3 Ways To Use Rich Media for Auto Brands

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It’s no secret the automotive industry has been one of the most impacted industries by Covid-19 over the last several years. From chip shortages, to low inventory, and skyrocketing prices, the auto market has been on a wild ride. In a disrupted market, with advertising budgets ebbing and flowing, creativity is key. Automotive marketers need to get savvy with their advertising budgets, and rich media is the perfect way to drive favorability and engagement in an unpredictable market.

The proof that rich media advertising works better than other forms of advertising for auto brands is in the statistics. There’s evidence of increased conversions, click-throughs, and maximum returns on investments while providing the viewer with an engaging experience. 

Here are 3 ways that automotive brands can use rich media advertising: 


Get Virtual Hands on Vehicles

It’s nothing new that people like to see their vehicles before purchasing them, but people prefer to do things virtually as much as possible in a post-pandemic world. A rich media advertisement is the perfect solution as it allows consumers to explore a vehicle they might be interested in via interactive elements like hotspots. This exploration can be of the interior and the exterior, allowing the viewer to see all of the car's details and special features the brand wants to highlight. It’s the perfect way to get people excited about a vehicle and entice them to come to the dealership and make a purchase. 


Find a Dealership

Many brands face a problem with advertising: the inability to track follow-through after an ad has been viewed. Rich media can help alleviate this issue by providing deeper engagement metrics, and helping the viewer jump from the advertisement to the place of purchase in an interactive way without ever leaving the ad experience.

Auto brands can create an ad with a built-in map, so when the ad appears on the viewer’s screen, they can utilize a device’s location services to find the nearest dealership - driving consideration and getting more foot traffic to local dealers.


One vehicle does not fit all. The automotive industry has a vast array of vehicles, from body size to color to what the vehicle runs on for power - the options sometimes seem endless. Rich media advertising allows an automotive company to present options to the people viewing their ads. Instead of being stuck looking at a vehicle they wouldn’t be interested in, they could choose one out of a few options. Rich media also presents the perfect opportunity to A/B test different creative and different audiences. The plethora of ad engagement metrics available to advertisers help them to determine which vehicles, colors, etc are resonating best with specific audiences. 


Final Thoughts on Rich Media for Auto Brands

Rich media advertising provides limitless opportunities for automotive brands looking to stand out in a crowded industry. The large canvas and endless interactive elements of rich media provide the perfect environment for brands to drive full funnel marketing results. Contact us to learn more about how we help auto brands build engaging rich media formats across screens.


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