Go beyond watching with VidStream+

Tell your brand story by combining sight, sound, motion, and interactivity in instream video ads to captivate audiences and prompt engagement and action. 

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Creative powered by patented technology

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20+ Patents

Extensive research & development have resulted in over 20 global patents that power our VidStream+ ad experiences.


Content Recognition

Proprietary content recognition and audio fingerprinting automatically match interactivity to key moments within the video.

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Interactive Features

Brand Activated Moments combine interactive features, brand assets, and messaging to personalize video ad experiences.

Interactive instream video matched to full-funnel objectives

PadSquad’s Brand Activated Moments are the ideal combinations of brand assets, messaging, and interactive features that deliver a personalized video ad experience.

  • Proven interactive features aligned to match key Advertisers' KPIs in digital campaigns

  • Powered by patented technology that enables video content recognition and delivery of in-ad interactivity



VidStream+ Engage

Do more with video

Leverage proven ad interactions within video content that create opportunities to tell a deeper brand story and raise awareness through Brand Activated Moments to engage consumers.

The VidStream+ Engage: Live Poll inspires curiosity and engagement through participation

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VidStream+ Engage Live Poll


VidStream+ Action: Tap to Map

VidStream+ Action

Results-based video

Our curated interactive features are designed to inspire immediate action, perfectly paired with Brand Activated Moments that powerfully drive both traffic and performance KPIs.

Discover nearby locations and boost in-store visitation with an interactive map using VidStream+ Engage: Tap to Map.

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VidStream+ Shop

The intersection of video and commerce

By seamlessly matching products to video assets, VidStream+ Shop empowers brands to quench consumers' thirst for shoppable advertising in video content.

With VidStream+ Shop: Product Cards, consumers can interact with and learn more about the products featured within the ad experience.

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VidStream+ Shop: Product Cards

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