Thanks for stopping by PadSquad’s site, we’re glad you did. Since we just relaunched our home on the web, it seems like a good time to quickly share some thoughts on how The Squad here at PadSquad thinks and acts.

Our team members are passionate people. They’re passionate about life, family, and friends. We bring that passion to our work and hope its evident when you deal with us. Our passion fuels us to win.

PadSquad is a business focused on our two greatest assets: our website publishing partners and our advertising partners. We believe unmatched customer service is the hallmark of every great business, and it’s something we focus on every day.

We’re not big fans of just talking about cool stuff, we just do cool stuff. Proving our value is how we survive and prosper. We walk the walk, not talk the talk. We wish more people in digital media did that too.

Tablet devices have changed digital content and media forever. They are exploding off shelves. More content is consumed and time spent on these devices than any other invention in our history. PadSquad is helping website publishers tap-into this phenomenon with our technology. We then match forward-thinking brand advertisers with hyper-engaged consumers who are tapping and swiping through content on tablet devices. Usually in prime time….at home relaxing….researching their next product purchases. This is the future of digital media, we hope you’ll participate in it with us.

We also hope you’ll keep an eye on this space moving forward, as it will fill up with all things tablet & mobile media; technology trends, tablet advertising information, case-studies about tablet publishing, etc.

You’ll here from the experts that make up The Squad too, a rare combination of digital media marketers, mobile technology junkies, and entrepreneurs. Have an opinion on what we say or what we do? Drop me a line at @meehandaniel on twitter, I’d love to hear from you.

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