Simple Integration

Tag-based or Programmatic. All premium mobile ad units from PadSquad rotate seamlessly via one integration.

Polite Ad Placements

We specialize in user-friendly formats that render inline within your content stream, preventing obtrusive disruption of your audience's UX.

Premium Brands

The largest brand marketers in the world rely on PadSquad's innovative mobile ad formats, so your mobile audience will only see ad units from brands they trust.


Our design and development team builds first class mobile rich media ad formats in-house, ensuring only top quality experiences appear on your mobile pages.

Automated Data

Simpli, PadSquad’s audience + advertising dashboard brings all of your critical metrics to one place so you can see the big picture in real-time.

Flexible Solutions

Whether you need a full-service partner for 100% of your mobile inventory or an integration for one placement, PadSquad has an easy-to-integrate solution to drive more mobile revenue.