Preparing for the Flash-pocalypse

Episode 101

WTF is the Flash-pocalypse? It is simple. Flash is on its way out; HTML5 has been named the new standard. WTF do you do now? Listen to “HTML5 is Live: Preparing for the Flash-pocalypse” with our special guest, Harry Robinson from Celtra. We discuss what the change means to you, your brand, your clients, your production time, and your bottom line. So, listen up! WTF@ct?!? keeps you UP to mobile speed on the end of Flash!

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On-Demand, Handheld + On the Air


What the F@ct?!? powered by PadSquad is a weekly audio program delivering insights, opinions and trends for the Mobile world. Our host, Rich Kost from PadSquad, will keep you UP to mobile speed on what you need to know from whom you need to hear it. Every episode delivers insightful interviews from leaders and experts in the Mobile industry. Listen as they cover off on topics, news and information that matter most in this handheld, on-demand world.

Viewable Ad Impressions, Engagement & Tablet Behavior

As the digital media and advertising marketplace continues to evolve, tablet and mobile media have taken center stage.  It’s no secret that consumer behavior typically drives the media industry.  Media consumption from tablet devices continues to explode, mostly at the expense of desktop/PC time spent.   Much has been made about the gap between consumer time spent with online and mobile, and the gap in media spent in those categories.

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