The Attribution Solution

Attribution Solution

What the f@ct is attribution?

When it comes to mobile advertising, we all have one burning question to answer: How do I measure the effectiveness + performance of my mobile campaign? In other words, we need an attribution solution.

In Search of the Attribution Solution

Every mobile marketer wants to know if their marketing campaign is meeting their KPI and driving people to some action, like a purchase. That is attribution. However, attribution has been a problem (particularly in the mobile arena) because there has been no standard for measuring or tracking conversions. Until now…

We, here at PadSquad, understand the impact that mobile advertising has on consumer action. So, we have joined forces with Barometric® to bring an attribution solution to the advertising masses and show true cross-platform conversion. Read more PadSquad and Barometric® here.

WTF@ct?!? Listen Up

You can learn more about attribution, Barometric®, and what it all means. Matt Fusco and Dustin O’Dell from Barometric® join us in the PadSquadroom to discuss attribution challenges and the solution in our latest WTF@ct?!? BTR Podcast. Hear exactly what view-through attribution is and the impact that Barometric®  — the most advanced cross-environment tracking and attribution solution in-market — has on advertising, conversion, and reporting.

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What Makes a Good Data Story?


What the f@ct is up with all the numbers? Research and performance numbers that is –or metrics. We are inundated with metrics and married to performance measurement. Everything is governed by data. But, what makes good data and what makes a good data story? Peter Kuhn, Sales Director from Moat, joins us at PadSquad for his take on which measurements matter most.

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