The Attribution Solution

Attribution Solution

What the f@ct is attribution?

When it comes to mobile advertising, we all have one burning question to answer: How do I measure the effectiveness + performance of my mobile campaign? In other words, we need an attribution solution.

In Search of the Attribution Solution

Every mobile marketer wants to know if their marketing campaign is meeting their KPI and driving people to some action, like a purchase. That is attribution. However, attribution has been a problem (particularly in the mobile arena) because there has been no standard for measuring or tracking conversions. Until now…

We, here at PadSquad, understand the impact that mobile advertising has on consumer action. So, we have joined forces with Barometric® to bring an attribution solution to the advertising masses and show true cross-platform conversion. Read more PadSquad and Barometric® here.

WTF@ct?!? Listen Up

You can learn more about attribution, Barometric®, and what it all means. Matt Fusco and Dustin O’Dell from Barometric® join us in the PadSquadroom to discuss attribution challenges and the solution in our latest WTF@ct?!? BTR Podcast. Hear exactly what view-through attribution is and the impact that Barometric®  — the most advanced cross-environment tracking and attribution solution in-market — has on advertising, conversion, and reporting.

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Creative Best Practices

Creative Best Practices

Aiming for Higher Standards: Creative Best Practices for Mobile Rich Media

In this ever-changing world of mobile advertising, creative opportunities are endless. Great creative shouldn’t be limited to the size of the mobile screen. From touch technologies and device utility to message personalization, there’s a plethora of capabilities to explore. And, with those capabilities come creative best practices.

Creative Agencies, Marketers, Buyers and Publishers can add more value to their mobile campaign executions by considering a few basic but important creative best practices for mobile rich media:

Creative Best Practice #1

Dynamic Creative: Relevance + Personalization

Dynamic Creative is the ability to target and deliver the most appropriate creative or brand message using situational data signals like location, time, date, weather, language and/or device. It’s no longer acceptable to solely rely on audience data to reach your intended consumer. Environmental data takes your message to a new level of personalization and is just as critical to begin a meaningful conversation. Provide information, opportunities and offers that speaks, looks and behaves appropriately to each of your audience segments. 69% of online consumers agree that the quality, timing, or relevance of a company’s message influences their perception of the brand. Good brand storytelling starts with crafting a more personalized creative experience!

Creative Best Practice #2

Proper Placement: In-Line + In-Content

Contextual alignment is all the rage. But this is more than just placing an ad on a page. Integrate creative in a non-disruptive manner—within content. Publishers with a sophisticated mobile UX deliver better ad experiences that go beyond tradition pop-ups, overlays and adhesions. Recent rich media developments, like the interscroller, are literally woven into the article stream with a polite reveal triggered by natural actions, such as “scrolling” and “swiping”. This is true contextual alignment. PadSquad’s interscroller product garners 2-4x higher engagement rates versus the traditional interstitial overlay format. Simply stated, don’t take the mobile UX for granted. It is more than just content; it is the catalyst to better performing mobile ads.

Creative Best Practice #3

User Engagement: Function + Interactions

It’s no surprise that rich media ads are more effective than static. However, not every custom creative build requires a first-to-market approach incorporating the latest cutting-edge technology to be deemed successful. It’s crucial to connect your mobile strategy and objectives to the mobile creative experience. Think about your client’s goals, how you will achieve them and measure them. Consider the device and OS—each have their own unique device functions. Explore device features with intention and take advantage of distinct capabilities, like haptic, Tilt, Shake, 3D Touch, Gyroscope. etc. And don’t forget about more practical integrations like add to calendar, e-commerce abilities, maps and location-based tools.

In the age of consumer irritability, ad blockers and content disruption, we have identified three creative best practices that work well to engage consumers and lead to mobile campaign success. Drop us a line or give us a call to learn and explore more. Also, check out PadSquad’s Guide to Mobile Rich Media Creative Best Practices here.

For more inspiration, visit our ad gallery.

Sources: Google Micromoments, 2015; PadSquad Data 2015.

Future of Mobile: 2016


Daniel Meehan Talks Mobile Success in 2016

We are rapidly moving through a new era of content consumption, consumer interaction, and product/brand engagement. Purchases are on the fly. There is no need to stop for directions. Connections to people, places, and products are just a tap or swipe away. Consumers are gobbling up content cross-screen, and there is no slowdown in sight. Publishers and marketers are hastening to keep up with all of the changing behaviors, opportunities, and measurements. Digital envelopes the media world, and its position is all resting on the power of Mobile.

Daniel Meehan, PadSquad’s Founder + CEO, provides his “to do” list for 2016, along with a prediction or two for publishers and marketers. You have to hear the four key things to consider to ensure Mobile success in 2016, as well as Daniel’s advice on how to keep up when things are changing so quickly. 

We do keep you up to mobile speed. Listen to The Future of Mobile: 2016 with Daniel Meehan in the latest episode of What the F@ct?!? powered by PadSquad.

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Creative Evolution for Mobile Advertising


Here Comes the Next Stage of Creative + Ad Unit Evolution

We have lived through the age of overlays and era of disruption and long live video. But, what is the next phase of mobile advertising survival and what should we be expecting in our new handheld age.

Joe Laszlo, Senior Director of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (iab.) Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, shares his insights on integrated cross-screen campaigns and innovative rich ad units, as well as intriguing the consumer to elicit action and pushing the envelope for publishers and content developers.

Keep Up to Mobile Speed! Listen to What the F@ct?!? powered by PadSquad.

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What Makes a Good UX?


UX + UX Design
User Experience (UX) is really more than just the name, some pretty pictures, and some cool tools that gets digital results for both the publishers of that site and the advertisers that want to appear in a premium environment. We are going beyond all of that to look at another way to judge the feasibility and success of a site. Listen up as Sina Jazayeri, our own Lead Engineer here at PadSquad, defines what UX design is, what makes it good, and how to attract and keep more visitors as well as advertisers.

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What Makes a Good Data Story?


What the f@ct is up with all the numbers? Research and performance numbers that is –or metrics. We are inundated with metrics and married to performance measurement. Everything is governed by data. But, what makes good data and what makes a good data story? Peter Kuhn, Sales Director from Moat, joins us at PadSquad for his take on which measurements matter most.

Take a moment and get up to mobile speed with WTF@ct?!? powered by PadSquad.

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Preparing for the Flash-pocalypse

Episode 101

WTF is the Flash-pocalypse? It is simple. Flash is on its way out; HTML5 has been named the new standard. WTF do you do now? Listen to “HTML5 is Live: Preparing for the Flash-pocalypse” with our special guest, Harry Robinson from Celtra. We discuss what the change means to you, your brand, your clients, your production time, and your bottom line. So, listen up! WTF@ct?!? keeps you UP to mobile speed on the end of Flash!

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On-Demand, Handheld + On the Air


What the F@ct?!? powered by PadSquad is a weekly audio program delivering insights, opinions and trends for the Mobile world. Our host, Rich Kost from PadSquad, will keep you UP to mobile speed on what you need to know from whom you need to hear it. Every episode delivers insightful interviews from leaders and experts in the Mobile industry. Listen as they cover off on topics, news and information that matter most in this handheld, on-demand world.